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let us assist you using our result driven 3 step strategy
capture - create - connect


Step 1

“Record accurately in words or pictures”
“Cause (data) to be stored in a computer”

– Oxford Dictionary

The first step in any new commission is to evaluate what the client wants to achieve.
Once this has been done we research and then capture the elements to enable us to accomplish this.
This capturing involves collecting all possible content such as the raw information and images.


Research and understanding of any product and the market it's aimed at, is essential. 

In tourism marketing, getting to know the product, whether it be a destination or a product owner, is even more critical.


The success of all marketing depends on quality content. Be it print or digital, it must offer content that rewards the demands of users, and in the case of the internet, it must be optimised for search engines.


Original photography, illustrations, maps and logos are all part and parcel of excellent content. We access what may already be available as well as originate artwork and shoot new photographs and video.

Step 2


“Bring something into existence”
– Oxford Dictionary

The second step is to create by editing the copy and images and designing the media.
Whether it be design for print, web or multimedia, or all of them. 

Content is King
Effective marketing is all about creating high quality content and using it effectively in web, print or other multimedia platforms.
Quality content is not only information that is diligently researched, well written or skilfully produced but information that is of real value to our clients.

Content needs to be of genuine value.


Step 3

“Hit the intended target”

"Join together so as to provide access and communication
– Oxford Dictionary

Using the correct media, or as in most cases a combination of media to connect with your market is essential. 
We take our beautifully crafted content and artwork and put it to work in the appropriate mediums, be it putting ink on paper, photography, advertising, websites and/or publishing.



We are in a unique position to be able to combine our experience and knowledge of southern African tourism with our conceptualisation, design, content and production expertise.
The following are just some of the prestigious clientele that we have been commissioned by: 


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