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Connecting the Dots


To draw logical

items of information to reveal

something previously hidden

or unknown.


The initial understanding of what the client needs are,

and what is entailed to accomplish an exceptional cost effective

outcome is all part of our 'capture' phase.  

This is the time to decide how the message is to be disseminated, and the best media, or combinations of media, to be used, and the costs thereof. These steps will give both the client and ourselves a basic ‘blueprint’.

We call this connecting the dots in our capture phase.

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To understand any new commission we first evaluate what the client would like to achieve by strategising, piecing together and digesting the given information.

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Agreement with the planning and basic concept of the job has been established, it is now time to find editorial facts and make contacts.

Timelines, and travel arrangements, if needed, are also put in place.


We've listened to you; we've
discussed the options still open as to what the final media may be. Conceptual storyboards, if video is part of the blueprint, or an editorial framework, is composed.


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