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Digital Media

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To connect with your targeted audience the correct media, or as in most cases, a combination of media is essential. 

Tourist brochures and books have traditionally been part and parcel of pre-travel information that informs, convinces, lures and eventually sells tourist packages. Even in this digital age they are still more of a preferred medium in travel decisions than conventional wisdom might suggest.

Websites, You Tube & Social Media

Online tourism marketing is rapidly becoming a growing area of research and its importance in acquiring information and purchase of tourism products and services has grown significnatly.There is no doubt that technology's changed the way tourism destinations/products are presented to the consumer. Potential tourists can now watch a video of someone swimming in the Seychelles, climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town, swimming with dolphins or going on safari in remote National Parks without ever leaving their seat. Through sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, tourists can now get an immediate and a very real sense of where they want to go. 


Whatever mediums are used, creating engaging content is the most crucial step in attracting more customers. Since the tourism industry is significantly connected with visual experience, visual material is the most engaging way to catch attention.



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