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The Tourism Blueprint’s Reference Guide to
The Nine Provinces of South Africa

Introduction to the 56 page Western Cape chapter
Free State South Africa guide
South Africa KwaZulu Natal
South Africa Eastern Cape
Cape Winelands

Quite a title . . .but then it’s quite some book!

This publication, in its seventh edition and updated for 2018/19, is the text book of choice being used to teach at most colleges, universities and schools lecturing on South African Tourism.


As the only comprehensive tourism guide on South Africa to follow the official regional demarcations it has also become a firm favourite with travel agents and tour guides who use it as a reference book to the many attractions of this sub-continent.

If it’s good enough to be used as a reference by the tourism professionals, think how valuable it is to the average traveller.


Over 500 stunning colour photographs, colour maps and coverage of more than 600 towns, this guide of over 350 pages is a valuable companion to all tourists and travellers of South Africa.

South African Heritage
South Africa overview
South African Geographical Extremes

"It’s as important as a spare wheel to the travelling motorist"

Designed to fit snuggly into a car’s glove compartment, it’s the perfect assistant to always keep at hand when touring southern Africa.

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