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Beautifully designed, this book takes one on a journey through the six Arid Parks of southern Africa and gives you a multifaceted view of each park through the eyes and lenses of various individuals.


If you spend a lifetime in the Arid Parks, you have no guarantee of seeing what is published in this book! From a young lion toying with the life of a baby honeybadger, to an aardvark in broad daylight, the photos are incredible. Cheetah kills, battling Lanner falcons and playful meerkats all grace the pages of this grand collaboration of photographers. 

Besides the fauna, the plant life displayed in the book, like delicate Namaqua daisies and majestic Richtersveld quiver trees, are inspiring in their beauty and the reptiles and insects draw you in to a world so often forgotten.
The book is a result of the Captured Experiences Arid Parks Competition, where an array of photographs and commentary was submitted. The 10 0000 entries were painstakingly sifted through by a panel of five judges and all the winning photos have been published, as well as a selection that could just have easily been winning shots.

The Arid Parks
Captured Experiences

A collaboration between
SANParks and Tourism Blueprint

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